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Our Goal: Integrate wireless charging spaces across Quebec, so that no more Quebecers or tourists suffer from nomophobia.

How it works?

  • Dynamic signage / wireless charger / PUREKEYS QUEBEC CANADA HUBBELL

  • rental dynamic display montreal


Keep your customers connected with our wireless charging solution.

Our solution helps create a high-end customer experience. Similar to Wi-Fi, wireless charging is a powerful tool demanded by 95% of customers.​

Customers will stay connected during their stay and will gather in places such as bars, cafes and restaurants to recharge. As a result, customers will stay 20% longer, which means they have another opportunity to buy a drink or snack.

Restaurants / Bars / Cafes

Keep customers connected with convenient and accessible power..

Providing easy-to-access phone charge to your customers is an extremely valuable service that helps them stay connected. This not only attracts customers, but can also mean they stay longer, which increases the possibilities of generating more revenue and customer engagement.

Offices / Waiting rooms

Modernize your workplace to create a better experience.

Forget cables! With our wireless charger, create a workplace of the future that will help attract and retain employees. Your offices, meeting rooms and work areas will not be cluttered, which will allow your employees to continue their activities and to be permanently connected, wherever they are.

Public Places / Events

Improve the loyalty and experience of fans, spectators or VIP customers by providing convenient and simple power.

Easy access to electricity and Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury - fans, travelers, spectators - who pay for a ticket, nowadays expect the basic features of wifi and electricity are included in the price. Our chargers guard bars, trains, stations, airports, stadiums, concert halls, shopping malls and uncluttered VIP suites to avoid unsightly damage and even the risk of falling.
Réduisez l'anxiété liée à la batterie pour les voyageurs, en vous assurant que les voyageurs gardent leur téléphone chargé avant, entre et après les vols. Gardez vos clients en contact avec les personnes qui les intéressent.
Gardez les voyageurs d'affaires productifs, grâce au chargement sans fil. Ne laissez plus votre clientèle d'affaire tomber en panne de batterie pendant leur transport.
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